Group Insurance

Attract quality employees. Then you want to keep them. This can often be a challenge.
Reward your employees with a tax-effective form of compensation by implementing a group insurance plan.

We are a group insurance broker with relationships with all of the insurance providers offering an unparalleled service for over 40 years. Our clients are not simply clients: we offer them a made-to-measure service in order to help them navigate through the often complex world of group insurance. After a careful examination of their needs, we help them make the best choices based on the current options/insurance products available.


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Attract employees

Your well-established company or start-up must attract new employees in order to grow. We can help with Benchmarking your benefits. Without a doubt, potential employees are actually comparing not just pay, but benefit packages.

Maintain employees

Maintaining employees has never been so important. Key employees keep your business running smoothly and create growth. The cost of losing employees is huge as it is now it’s a struggle to find new qualified employees.

The Process


  • Assessment of corporate and employees’ concerns, insurance history and most importantly the nature of the business to determine an ideal strategy.



  • Identify trends to maximize the value of the company and to create a stable plan.
  • “Projected renewal” is a subject of discussion during analysis. We are a Group Insurance Broker.
  • Benchmarking is a key method to understand how competitive
    your company is with other employers.



  • Committed to reduce administrative burden and avoid confusion.
  • Seamless implementation through careful planning.



  • Proven leveraging mechanisms are used to negotiate on behalf of our client to ensure they have the most cost effective group insurance plan available.
  • Final group insurance renewal proposal is presented at least 1 month prior to the renewal date.

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